At Fresh Julienne, our philosophy is that your function should be realized as you’ve dreamt it to be because it is a presentation of who you are and how you will be remembered.

Everyone has their own vision they’d like to realize when it comes to gastronomy. At Fresh Julienne, our approach to food is to give the clients the opportunity for ‘choice’ and to guide them in constructing, customizing, and designing a menu that is tailored specifically to accommodate and provide for one’s dietary needs, tastes, preferences, likes & dislikes. At consultation we will discuss your ideas regarding your function’s requests and together come up with a unique menu that will exceed your expectations. Not only will I provide for all of your culinary needs but I will also translate your gastronomic dreams into reality. By walking you through it every step of the way, together we will make your function as stress-free as possible while ensuring its utmost success. As your personal chef you will have my undivided attention, as I’m only a phone call or text away, and will always make myself available to you when you need.

Yours Truly,
Jerry Duque
Executive Chef and Owner